The Birth of Triton Custom order for Jennifer


Shipping to United States: $58.00

This Mother of Pearl hand sculpted under water Celebration of life Set consists of,

~ Posidon 10"H x 6"D x7"W,~

~ Amphitrite, 9"H x 5"Dx6"W ~

~ Merbaby Triton, 3" x 1", ~

~1 jeweled abalone crib 5x4 ~

~1 hand sculptued bowl coral 8"H x 10"D x 13"W, ~

~ 2 dolphins

~ 4 sea turtles

~4 seahorses

~ an array of sea shells to enhance the wonder of it all ~

More to follow

Each piece is hand made, from every scale to each strand of hair. Never will two pieces be the same.
Custom order only, 3 to 4 weeks from date purchased.
Priority shipping and handling, 2 to 3 days.

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