Nautical Nativity Scence


Shipping to United States: $165.00

This Mother of Pearl hand sculpted under water Nativity Set as imagined by me consists of

~ Mermaid Mary 4.5"x 3",~

~ Merman Joseph, 5" x 4" ~

~ Mer-baby Jesus, 3" x 1", ~

~3 magi bearing gifts from the sea, a treasure chest filled with sea treasures ~

~1 shepherd boy, 1 shepherd girl and 1 drummer boy, ~

~1 Humpback Whale~

~ 2 sea horse on coral ~

~ 3 dolphins on real sea coral, accompanied by sea turtles.~ sea crabs ~

~ Angel on coral surrounded by sea shells and starfish ~

~ an array of sea shells to enhance the wonder of it all ~

You may use your own Nautical wonders from home to add to the grandeur.

Each piece is hand made, from every scale to each strand of hair. Never will two pieces be the same.
Custom Order Only, 3 to 4 weeks
Priority Shipping and handling, 2 to 3 days.

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