Let your love light shine


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This my dear is the greatest challenge to being alive;
to witness the injustices of the world,
and not allow it to consume your own light.
-Author unknown

This handscupted Clay Mermaid is created from two separate bodies of clay.
Terra Cotta and White clay.
Her thousands of strands of hair along with her hundreds of hand placed scales combined in perfect harmony together becoming one.
A magnificent one.
I love combining the two separate clays because they compliment each other so beautifully.
No colored glazes were utilized, just a few coats of clear glaze in order to attempt and match the prints on the sliced Chambered Nautilus.

A battery operated night light is fixed upon the back.
Ready to hang anywhere you see fit to bring in the light.
She's a beautiful wall sconce.
Ready to swim your way today.
Priority shipping, 2 to 3 days.

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